Cognizance Virtual Clinical Trials

Powerful evidence - generated from focused, detailed and curated virtual trials.

Cognizance VCT is a time saving, cost effective, customer-centric clinical trial application and the strongest link in our end to end solution.

Womens Cannabis Study

Help shape the future of cannabis and women’s health by joining the Women’s Cannabis study!

We conduct product research cost-effectively and in a timely manner.

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We have developed a tool that allows individuals to monitor themselves for COVID-19 risks and symptoms.

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Our staff of medical and clinical coordinators will help you through the process of clinical trial design and execution. We listen and work with you to develop a tailored and customized approach that powers consumer confidence in your brands and products using our robust protocols and mobile platforms.

As an ethical partner, CognizanceVCT holds the mutual goal of elevating, and contributing positively to the global health industry – with transparency, inclusivity, and credibility.


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Protocol Design & Review

We provide innovative and robust protocols to conduct studies

Virtual Clinical Trial

The freedom of minimal intervention with maximum interaction

Blockchain Enabled Dynamic Consent

We believe in ethical clinical trials, and offer generous compensation for our participants

Data Management

All studies benefit from continual real-time access to the study data

Partner Ecosystem

We have agreements in place with a number of major academic institutions


We support medical and scholarly publications for disseminating knowledge to the scientific community

Evidence Generating Solution

Our solution is powered by algorithmic AI generating clinical evidence-driven results for your participants