Our ecosystem can open up new markets for producers. By including your products in our research marketplace you gain access to an extensive network of commercial, retail, and other segmented markets

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Partner with us, include your products in our portfolio, open a window into the emerging markets, and determine how your product can fit.

Our studies and trials reach into a variety of markets - women’s health, performance, sleep, anxiety and medical - all of these are seeing massive growth, both in the cannabis world and outside of it.

Your product can solve a problem

When we are preparing a trial, one of the most important aspects is controlling variables. By listing your products in our platform, you give researchers a chance to select your product and administer it in the trials and studies.

And help others

You will have your product published in the academic papers and scholarly journals. In addition, the results of the trial go into our Artificial Intelligence (AI) CognizanceMD tool, allowing other physicians and doctors to see the results, and prescribe your product. The results of the study are also published in various trade magazines/websites, and additional media outlets, all which would mention your products as the basis of the trial.

  • When a study or trial is commissioned, we initially select from our partner networks to choose the appropriate product. By listing your offerings with us, you get first chance at inclusion in a trial.

  • People that are seeking answers to their therapy problems are more likely to stay loyal to a brand that has helped them in the past.

  • The data that is returned from the study is analysed and returned to you. Additionally, we include a comprehensive product sheet on the product used, as well as infographics and real time data access.