Designed to be streamlined

Our app takes the clinical trial process to the next level, using a sophisticated blend of technology, medical staff and data management to deliver a low cost, time effective virtual clinical trial.

Enroll with ease

Enrolling your patients into a trial has never been easier. Using our CognizanceMD portal, all it takes is a click to enroll your patient into an available study.


Our dosing algorithms will make recommendations for your patients based on findings from scientific literature and clinical studies. But because each patient is unique, Cognizance VCT can monitor your patients' treatment efficacy and report back to you.


We will manage regulatory submissions to gain Health Canada and REB / IRB approval for your trial.


We recruit participants from our partner network based on your need, or within your own network.

A Different Kind of Study

Our cutting edge technology streamlines your experience without sacrificing rigor in mPROs or ePROs.


Strategic analysis of study results by an experienced team of medical doctors, nurses, neuroscientists and biostatisticians to capture significant clinical outcomes.


Out technology and forward thinking solutions offer strategic deployment to consistently hit milestones, while staying on budget.

Claim Substantiation

Stand behind your product, knowing that your marketing is based off strong, provable results.